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Boys in Guitar Class
Piano Keyboard
Image by Teena Lalawat




Lessons to Inspire and Encourage a Passion for Music

How I can Help

 With good tuition, learning an instrument helps children feel good about themselves and their abilities.  My goal is simple - to help each student experience success through music and enjoyment through playing and performing!  

Making the Grade!

Rock and Pop Guitar grades are fun and inspiring. I have been entering students for a decade, and am proud to have an 100% success rate in all exams. All students are offered the opportunity to take grades, or simply to learn for fun.


  • Rockschool

  • London College of Music

  • Trinity Guildhall

  • RGT Acoustic 

  • SQA Nat 5  -  Advanced Higher     

  • 100% Pass Rate!  

Never Too Old!

Ever felt a tinge of regret that you didn't follow up on a passion for music? Life gets in the way and it's easy to give up and think the ship has sailed. At DIGmusic, I believe that  anyone can learn to play guitar at any age! Ok, not everyone can become the next virtuoso, but if your goal is to learn from scratch, or if you've played in the past but feel a bit rusty or stuck, I can help!

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